Zazen, Awakening

Digital image, 2016

During an entire month (April 7 to May 7) of 2016, I turned on my computer every day and randomly selected a photo I took to create a digital image. I see the visual expression within them intimately associated with my mental state. Though the process, I depicted an fictional character of myself that vanished once I finished the process.

The ancients said that all beings have Buddha-nature. Everyone can become a Buddha. Meditation does not necessarily depend on physical rituals, but on every minute of our mortal life. In this month, the process of creating these images is the way I meditate and practice Zazen, sitting and suspending all judgmental thinking and letting words, ideas, images and thoughts pass by without getting involved, in Zen Buddhism every day. It can also be regarded as a performance art.

Not every picture is presented, because I want to leave more room for the audience to guess the remaining content, which is referring to blank leaving in Asian culture.